Buschur Pro Billet Vented Catch Can


The best catch can you can buy, PERIOD!

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Re-introducing the Buschur Racing Pro Billet Catch Can.


It is IMPOSSIBLE to buy a better catch can for your GTR, period!


All cans will come standard in satin anodized black with (4) -8 AN ports and hoses.   The fourth port can be added to the engine valley cover to relieve the engine of more crankcase pressure.  It requires the assembly to be removed, marked and then drilled and a -8AN fitting being welded to it, we supply all the needed lines, AN fittings etc. for the kit.


The new billet cans have two mounts on them now, both of which can be reached and bolted on without taking the can apart.  The mounts/upper and lower are adjustable so the can could be used on other applications.


The price for the new Billet Catch Can Pro is $649.  Adding the 4th port will add a few dollars for the extra lines/fittings.