Buschur Racing GT-R Stage 3 Cylinder Heads



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Each head goes through two complete cleaning processes.  The initial cleaning is to allow for proper inspection for damage.  The head is then pocket cut for the valves being used and then fully ported.  Our port work also includes crucial shaping and smoothing of the combustion chamber.  The head is then fitted with stainless steel valves (inconel exhaust valves are optional), Ferrea high RPM valve springs, titanium retainers and new valve seals.  We also mill each cylinder head to ensure the best seal and that the head is flat when it is returned to you.   You will need to supply your camshafts and buckets for the proper valve clearances to be set up in the cylinder head, this is a CRUCIAL step in making sure the cylinder head performs properly.  The head is returned to you assembled with your cams (cams are available through Buschur Racing also).