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FP Red Evo 8/9 Ball Bearing Turbocharger



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Forced Performance is proud to announce the debut of our 100% brand new, patent pending, dual ceramic ball bearing design within the FP RED™ Turbocharger for the Lancer Evolution 4-9 vehicles. This new design virtually eliminates any limit to allowable thrust load within the turbocharger while simultaneously reducing drag and rotational resistance to spool up. The increased thrust limit significantly extends the longevity of the turbocharger when operated beyond its published flow and boost limits and eliminates the turbochargers sensitivity to lubrication interruptions due to hard acceleration and cornering forces. Recent performance testing at the MHI Research and Development Laboratories in Nagasaki, Japan verified that the design dramatically exceeds the normal allowable thrust loads for TD05/6 type turbochargers and allows for a significant increase in the available airflow from the turbocharger without bearing damage.

Internally very little is shared with any previously offered turbocharger anywhere in the world beyond the description of "ball bearing". This patent pending design is 100% blank page and will have an important impact on turbocharger bearing systems for years to come. The races and ceramic balls of the turbocharger are the highest grade components available anywhere, period.

NEW to the FP RED™ for the Evolution IX Line up is our own custom 84mm Flow Advancement Port™ compressor cover. You can now choose the new FP 84mm Flow Advancement Port™cover or stick with the standard 64mm Stock Appearing compressor cover as shown above. The larger inlet configuration helps reduce huffing and surging sounds that are often reported with these larger stock format hybrids when lugging the engine at low RPM and high boost pressure but perhaps even more useful is the way it helps feed the splitter blades of the compressor wheel resulting in increased flow. This larger inlet also increases the volume of the intake air pipe and reduces vacuum at the inlet of the turbo. Additionally the volute of the cover is now exactly tailored to the HTA wheel aero for the best performance possible.

The 84mm inlet Flow Advancement Port™ version can be used with our Intake Air Pipe which is located in the Related Products section at the bottom of the page. The intake is undercover black and designed to replace the stock intake air pipe perfectly allowing the use of the recirculated BOV and the valve cover crankcase vent as in the OEM application. A non-recirculated version is also now available. The 84mm Flow Advancement Port™ cover can also be used with standard 3" air intake pipes by utilizing a straight 3" coupler also located in the Related Products section at the bottom of this page.

PORTING: A t the bottom of this page you will find the options of porting which is HIGHLY recommended and also to add a turbo outlet pipe. The porting is standard and will be automatically selected so you will need to select that you do not want it if you do not. The turbo outlet pipe will be needed if you do not currently have a Evo 9 based turbo on your Evo 8.

WARRANTY - This turbo features a 12 month complimentary repair policy. You must activate this service within 30 days of purchasing this turbocharger by returning the registration card included with the turbocharger and a copy of your receipt if purchased from a supplier other than Forced Performance. Please contact us directly if you have any problems or questions regarding your turbocharger, dis-assembly of the turbocharger or modification will void the Complimentary Repair Policy.

It is also HIGHLY recommended by Buschur Racing to go through our staged packages before upgrading your turbocharger to ensure that you have the correct supporting modifications before you upgrade to this or any other aftermarket turbo.

PLEASE NOTE: Buschur Racing HIGHLY recommends adding the porting option for this turbo. It can be found in Evolution section under Turbo Upgrades which is where you found this item.