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Buschur's Rear Side Diff Supports w/ Urethane Inserts



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Want to save even more weight off that rear of your Evo? Well here is your next upgrade. The newest offering in chassis components from Buschur Racing.

This is what we've built to replace that rusty old chunk of steel that currenlty bolts to the sides of your rear diff. This new Side Differential Support bracket weighs in at only 2 pounds per side and is billet aluminum with Energy Suspension urethane inserts. This completely replaces the stock part and the need to replace the rubber bushing. Weight savings is 5 pounds.

This piece keeps the axles on a straight plain. The idea of doing the entire mount with the inserts compared to our solid mounts is to stiffen up the rear-end but not make it "solid" and stiff. These will stiffen up the rear end but still offer a nice ride on the street. Doing this will allow you to save the weight, headache of pressing out the old bushing and to knock off another 5 pounds of weight.

With the addition of our Rear Diffential Bar (mustache bar) completely replaces the stock cast iron bar on the car, keeping the side supports and all factory mounting points. This bar takes 13 pounds off the rear, add to this our new side support bushings and you end up with 18 pounds off the rear end. You also end up with an overall stiffer package in the rear and a diffential that cannot move.