HIGHLY recommended components and tips for your new engine install. 

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Below is a list of parts we recommend/mandate changing when installing one of our new engines followed by some tips.

1.  OEM gasket kit.  *Mitsubishi doesn't require silicone to be used on ANY of their gaskets.

2.  OEM timing belt and hydraulic tensioner.  DO NOT USE A KEVLAR BELT, it will cause premature failure of the oil pump.  Make sure to use the Mitsubishi tensioner tool and set the tension on the timing belt pulley to factory spec.  Over torquing of the belt will lead to premature oil pump failure.

3.  Head studs.  Depending on your boost/cylinder pressure you have options for standard up to extreme heavy duty studs.

4.  New water pump.

5.  New oil cooler.  The OEM EVO oil coolers can NOT be cleaned.  Replace or delete the oil cooler.  The oil lines can be removed and cleaned.

6.  OEM Front cover and oil pump.  

7.  Every single component that has ever had oil in it needs to be CLEANED or replaced, any contaminants left from the oil engine will be transferred to the new engine.  This includes the turbo and lifters.  Lifters can be cleaned by putting them in a pan with solvent, submerged.  Use a small punch to push down in the hole on top unit the lifter becomes spongy.  DO NOT INSTALL A LIFTER YOU CAN'T COMPRESS WITH YOUR FINGERS!

8.  Break in.  There is no official break in required.  We recommend as soon as the engine is in and running to start the tuning process.  The idle and drivability needs to be done 100% before moving to wide open throttle.  Once you start the WOT tuning, start at the lowest boost levels you can get, moderate timing and air fuel ratios.  Gradually perfect the tune at low boost levels at then work up.  First oil change after this break in procedure can break done around 500 miles.  After the initial oil change we recommend keeping an eye on the engine oil consumption on a daily/weekly basis and then for cars driven moderately 3,000 miles on an oil change will be fine. For hard drag/road race/street use you will need to determine if the oil changes need done more frequently.

9.  OIL!  We recommend Brad Penn 20/50 oil only.  We sell it and can ship it.  You can use a different 20/50 oil if you chose, a high zinc content oil is recommended.  We also suggest Wix oil filters, which we also stock.