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Maverick 2.0 EB 3" intake



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Our intake eliminates the overly restrictive air box on the Maverick 2.0 turbo.  We have done both dyno and air temp testing on our intake and have repeatedly gained substantial horsepower and torque at the top of each gear.  Fourth gear the gains were 27 wheel horsepower and 17 ft bls of torque.  We have also done back to back testing with air temps.  The factory air box and our intake have identical air temps under the hood.  The reason for this is there is a lot of air movement through the grill/fenders of the Maverick which keep the engine bay at ambient air temps while the truck is moving.

** Buschur’s 3” intake installation instructions **

The factory intake is very easy to remove.

Remove all the ducting and the factory air box.  The air temp sensor has a small clip on it, you will need to pry up on that clip, then rotate the sensor a 1/4 turn 

and it will pull out.

To install our kit, put the air filter on the supplied 3” inlet, then slide the intake pipe into your factory rubber hose.  The mounting bracket will naturally line up close to a hole in the top of the frame.

The mounting hole in some of the trucks are not tapped.  We’ve supplied a self tapping screw to mount the intake.

The air temp sensor simply pushes into the grommet on our intake, leave the rubber o-ring on the sensor.  The sensor is tight in the hole, a very light bit of dish washing soap will help slide the sensor in.

Thank you for choosing Buschur’s and enjoy!