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Buschur Racing GT-R Flex Fuel Kit



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The kit uses the Zeitronix Ethanol Contect Gauge, GM Flex Fuel sensor, ethanol compatible braided nylon hose and stainless steel Oetiker clamps. Many of us who use Cobb can monitor the ethanol content from the actual Access Port screen. The Ethanol Contect Gauge can be mounted on the battery under the hood or inside the car.

The kit is plug and play and requires no wiring at all. The kit plugs into the factory SABS plug, requiring the SABS to be deleted and the codes to be turned off in the ECU. The hose that is provided runs to the factory fuel pressure regulator and you simply remove the line that is on it and replace it with ours. There are two supplied clamps that get installed on the hose at the regulator The other end plugs directly onto the factory return line.

Please note: Be sure to select the correct model type as these kits are generally made up for the USDM market.  The JDM setups are made to order as they require an additional 8" of length for the wires to reach the battery terminals properly.