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Maverick 2.0 EB oil separator/catch can



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Maverick 2.0 turbo catch can/oil separator!

These sealed oil separator/catch cans will collect all the engine vapor/oil that is typically sucked through your intake, head, turbo and then end up completely ruining your intercoolers efficiency.  These also help to eliminate the carbon build up on valves and in your cylinder head.

The kit has a very easy to drain hose attached to the can.

**Buschur’s catch can/oil separator installation instructions **

The factory fittings that go to the air inlet and valve cover are extremely difficult to remove, don’t attempt to remove them.

Very carefully use a sharp knife/razor to gently cut the factory hose on each of those fittings.  Remove the hose, if you cut it length wise it will slide off easily.

Then simply push the supplied hose with our kit back onto the factory fittings.

The can mounts directly to the bolt closest to the engine on the coolant overflow bracket.  

The can will need drained occasionally.   Keep an eye on the how much the can accumulates over time.  Towing, altitude, temperature changes all effect how much will accumulate in the can.